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Take Your Apparel to the Next Level

vbs apparel specializes in providing a major solution to large programs that take pride in having a cohesive look in their school apparel and athletics uniforms. It takes a lot of time to organize uniforms for sports teams, gym strips for students, apparel for staff, and gear for school spirit. We know you’re busy, and we are here to make your job easier, not harder. Our processes are built to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want, when you need it, all while delivering next level apparel.

We produce high quality 100% custom apparel that meets your exact design specifications. All of our custom apparel is made in premiere manufacturing facilities, and private-labeled with YOUR brand, not someone else’s. High-quality decorating, customer service, and guaranteed timelines are top priorities for vbs apparel and our program partners. We work with schools, universities, and provincial/federal associations, as well as customers in volleyball, soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, and many other sports across Canada. With the goal of long-term partnerships in mind, we do everything in our power to ensure that customers are completely and 100% satisfied.

Our processes are easy, and our goal is to make life easier and save time for athletic directors and program managers, with our unique services and top quality customer support.


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