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Graphic Design

Exceptional design helps you achieve consistency in your branding, stand out from the crowd, and elevate your apparel. We firmly believe that colours, fonts, and designs play an important role in fostering a sense of identity and pride within a program or organization.

At vbs apparel, we have top creative services and designers to support you through the design process, achieving your vision while within your budget.

Captivating Visuals

Apparel Graphics

We specialize in custom designed graphics that translate well onto apparel utilizing the best decoration technique for the highest quality result.

Single or multi-colour design available. 

Opportunities to proof graphics before decorating. 

Colour matching to your brand. 

Game Changing Design

Sublimation Design

Sublimation printing has become a “game changer” as it allows whole garment custom prints, full colour, and designs that extend seam-to-seam.

Exact colour matching available (pantone matching).

Limitless design opportunities.

Designs printed as seen on screen.

Your Brand. Your Way.

Logo Design

Your brand is your identity. It’s important to have a logo that is not only modern looking, but also reproduces well on all apparel and gear.

Logo re-design or update.

Proper vector file format.

Logo variations (ex. icons and orientation) and colourways.

Branding guides and packages.

Elevate Your Program

Full Program Design

Extend your group’s branding across all apparel, regardless of style.

Consistency in logo use and placement.

Uniformity across font styles and sizes.

Extend and evolve your apparel designs by incorporating elements and colourways across groups, departments, or teams.


What does “vector file” mean?2023-11-16T13:59:58-07:00

Vector files are built from mathematically designed shapes (rather than pixels). These files retain their high resolution regardless of size adjustments made. They include files that end in .AI, .PDF, .SVG, and .EPS.

Why do you need my logo in vector file format?2023-11-16T13:59:59-07:00

We require a vector file for certain types of decoration processes. It allows us to easily adjust your logo to meet your design specifications.

I don’t have a vector file of my logo, what do I do?2023-11-16T13:59:59-07:00

We can vectorize your logo for $40!

How much does the graphic design service cost?2023-11-16T13:59:59-07:00

The cost of our graphic design services vary between packages and the scope of the overall project. Please inquire for more information.

How long does the graphic design process take?2023-11-16T14:00:00-07:00

The graphic design process will vary based on the scope of each project. Please ask your customer service representative to provide you with an estimated timeline.

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